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When you want to express your creativity and individuality, nothing screams "unique" like a new tattoo. The tattoo artists at Old Iron Tattoo Company of Harrisburg, PA, are experts in creating custom color and black-and-gray design tattoos tailored to your individual preference.


Stop in today to sift through our assorted tattoos designs or to speak with an artist in detail about what you want.

Peerless Tattoo Work to Bring Your Vision to Life

Quality cover-up options

The number of possible designs is limitless with us. Whether you want to display a favorite symbol or saying or express a sentiment for a loved one, trust our team with over 23 years of experience to provide you with the highest-quality body modifications.


Have a tattoo that you regret? Worry no more! Our artists have a wealth of experience in altering those poor designs or covering up those ugly mistakes. From major to minor cover-ups, we do it all. Visit us today.

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Does it hurt?

There is indeed pain in the process and that really depends on which part of your body you are getting a tattoo as some parts are more tender that others.  It would advisable to come in physically and mentally prepared before going on with the procedure.


Where should I get my tattoo?

This is entirely your choice. Some people prefer to have them on a location which is easily covered by their clothes while others would want to have it shown all the time.  You should also take into consideration if the place you choose for your tattoo might have a negative impact on your work.


Is tattooing safe?

Here in our studio we employ the use of single-use needles so you can be sure that all of the needles that we use on the procedure are brand new. We are also strict with regards of the cleanliness of our studio and we always keep it clean and sanitary before, during and after the procedure.


What should I do after the procedure?

After the procedure, we educate them and provide with after-care tips to retain the quality of your tattoo. If you have any questions or concerns about the aftercare tips, talk our artists and we will be glad to answer any questions you have.